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Goodsense Citronella Essence Non-Toxic Surface Spray 500ml

RM 29.00

Multipurpose Home Degreaser with Natural Insect Repellent Remove grease (especially kitchen grease) from dining table or other surfaces with single swipe result in squeaky clean surface. Excellent detergency power with ingredient made from renewable plant-based material. Citronella Non-Toxic Surface Spray is supplemented with citronella essence that repel insect and mosquitoes, deodorizes unpleasant odours and leaves behind a fresh and inviting scent.

Citronella Non-Toxic Surface Spray can be used on many surfaces throughout your home, including dining table, ventilation fan, cooking stove, and appliance exterior.


For routine cleaning – Spray surface until thoroughly wet then wipe with a clean cloth or sponge, no rinsing required. For soap scum and greasy soil – Allow product to sit to penetrate soil before wiping clean. Repeat if necessary. Test on inconspicuous area first before actual usage.


Water, Cymbopogon Winterianus (Citronella) Oil, Plant-based Surfactants,
Fragrance, Tetrasodium EDTA.

Keep out of reach of children